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Happy Pregnancy

Benefits of using pregnancy back support belt

by Alex Yu 31 Oct 2021

You all must have heard about the pain of labor, which is equal to the pain of breaking bones. The pain a woman goes through is definitely unbearable, but the feeling of maternity makes everything worth it. The period of pregnancy for women is not easy, especially with the pains they endure throughout this period. 

We all know that keeping an expectant mommy healthy is of the utmost importance because this ultimately affects the health of the baby. If the pregnancy period is full of pain and other body issues, how can one expect the baby to be healthy? 

If you wish to help your sister, wife, daughter, or any woman in the world during that period of endless pain, we are offering you a way to help ease their pain! If you are wondering how the pregnancy back support belt is the answer you all are looking for! Find out a pregnancy support belt that helps a mum during her pregnancy period.

How Does Pregnancy Back Support Belt Help? 

1. It Relieves Pain

pregnancy pain

Women during pregnancy are prone to joint pains. One of the most common joint pains that most women experience is Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain which occurs due to the excess release of the hormone, relaxin. This causes the hip joints to become looser and less stable. This loosening of the joints can cause excruciating pain, primarily in the lower back.

Sometimes, mothers also experience round ligament pain, usually in the second trimester. This dull or sharp pain sensation is experienced on the front of the hip and below the belly part of the body. So, how can a pregnant mother ensure that these pains do not affect her beautiful journey of pregnancy?

This is where a pregnancy back support belt comes into the picture by helping in alleviating back and pelvic pain during pregnancy. However, you must ensure that you find and try different pregnancy back support belts until you find the one that makes the pregnant mother's body feel comfortable.

There are a plethora of belts available in the market; however, the quality standards vary significantly, and this is why you should do plenty of research and trials before you pick one for the expectant mum.

2. Act as a support 

pregnancy support belt providing support to the belly

A pregnancy back support belt provides support to the mum and her baby bump. The baby pump increases the pressure on the mother's body, and if this is ignored, it can lead to severe back or pelvic-related problems in the future.

These pregnancy back support belts also lift your baby's weight and the mother's abdomen, which efficiently reduces the load carried by the mommy! Besides, the support to the uterus makes it easy for the mum to face any difficulty in movements. 

3.   Helps in Maintaining the Right Posture

 pregnancy correct posture

Carrying a baby inside the womb is no small deal. Parenting is never an easy task to accomplish, especially with a smile and no complaints. One of the major problems faced by the mommy is incorrect posture. As mentioned earlier, the load and stress lead to the body bending at different angles, which can be detrimental to the body if ignored. 

The baby bump leads to the outweigh of the body to the forward and, as a result, changes the exact posture of the body. To reduce the chances of bad posture during the mum's pregnancy, it is advisable to get a pregnancy back support belt.

After the pregnancy period, most women experience a strange body outline due to all the weight and bump they carry for the entire nine months. To avoid the over extension of the body, it is essential to provide support to the back. Support belts allow the body to stay in a good posture and prevent bending in unnatural positions!

4.   Day to day activities

pregnancy day to day activities

If there is one thing that you realize as life goes on is that it never stops or gives you a break, and this is also applicable to pregnancy. Day-to-day activities never remain constant throughout this period and cease to exist. Many women are advised to work out or exercise during this period; if you are wondering why then here is your answer!

Exercises play a crucial role in ensuring that the mother's muscle tone and endurance experience a spike. At the same time, they help alleviate hypertension and depression by improving blood circulation. 

However, it is common for many expectant mothers to stop exercising because of the pain and discomfort they experience during these workout sessions. Besides, the bump destabilizes the body balance, and they might be at risk of falling down due to a loss of balance.

When pregnant mothers use a back support belt, they are less prone to such discomforts and risks. Apart from improving the body's stability, these bands help women in participating in the day to day activities.

5.   Reduces the Chances of Preterm Contractions

pregnancy preterm contraction

Preterm contractions usually equate to the birth of premature babies. These babies are often more susceptible to infections because their body systems are not fully functional and developed.

By using a pregnancy back support belt, women can ensure that they get that extra support and stability to reduce preterm contraction risk.

Recommended products

Now that we know the numerous advantages of this support belt, here are a few products that you can check out for improving the mother’s body posture!

Final words

Pregnancy and maternity are wonderful journeys for any mother. Bringing a life into the world is not less than a miracle. So, this is the time to get the baby’s mum something that makes this time memorable and full of love rather than pain!

The pregnancy back support belt ensures that the pregnancy becomes less arduous, and with the recommendations from this guide, you can easily pick one for the baby's mommy! Happy pregnancy to all the wonderful women out there!

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